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JPL-D-1822, PHOTONIC INTEGRATION AND USAGE GUIDELINES MANUAL (27 SEP 1999)., This manual will point out some of the advantages of using photonic technology. It will give some examples of photonic systems that have potential space applications. It will explain why these systems work well when implemented in photonics and why the performance cannot be duplicated when implemented in copper based radio frequency systems. There is a description of one of these systems that was implemented in the Shuttle Radar Topographic Mapper (SRTM). There is an analysis on the safety of the laser transmitter used on SRTM. There is a section on fiber optic cables and connectors. It includes the analysis showing why no shielding in additional to the jacket would be needed on optical fiber used in SRTM. There is an overview of fiber optic connector and cable assemblies and a comparison of fiber optic cable versus the best available coaxial cable that was small enough to fit in the SRTM mast. The newly introduced low profile fiber optic connectors are described and some typical performance data is given on traditional fiber optic connectors. Finally there is a list of some of the better known photonic parts and device manufacturers with their addresses and phone numbers and a list of some of the components they manufacture. The manual ends with a list of references related to implementation of photonic systems.



 FSC Code:
 6015 - Fiber Optic Cables

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