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JPL-D-20348A, JPL INSTITUTIONAL PARTS PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS (13 MAR 2003)., This document is the JPL baseline Institutional Parts Program Requirements (IPPR). This document shall act as a template for preparing and tailoring1 the Project Parts Program Requirements (PPPR) for Spacecraft, JPL Facility Science Instruments, and PI Science Instruments in conformance with Project requirements. Every Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical (EEE) part intended for use in space flight shall be reviewed and approved for compatibility with the intended space environment and mission life. This document defines the baseline parts program requirements for all JPL missions1 including both spacecraft and instruments. Additional parts requirements may be necessary as a function of mission success requirements. Deviations resulting in the elimination or reduction of the parts requirements specified herein shall be documented in the Project Implementation Plan (PIP) accompanied with the IPPR Compliance Matrix, (JPL Rules! DocID 59353). Once the PPPR has been approved by both the Electronic Parts Engineering Office and Project organizations, deviations from the PPPR shall be documented via a Category B waiver. The current version is in the DMIE Information System at http://dmie *

JPL-D-20348 Rev. A


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 1820 - Space Vehicle Components

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