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CAP MANUAL 39-1, CIVIL AIR PATROL UNIFORM MANUAL (23 MAR 2005) [SUPERSEDES CAPM 39-1 (01 JUL 1997)]., This manual describes the various Civil Air Patrol (CAP) uniform items and how they will be worn. This revision is a general update that includes descriptions of AF-style outergarments; deletes region commander authority to substitute region patch for the CAP command patch on the AF-style flight suit; deletes region commander authority to deviate from authorized devices worn on AF-style flight suit; deletes the requirement for the CAP blue flight suit to be worn with same badges and devices as AF-style flight suit; authorizes the wear of grade insignia on both sides of the BDU collar; deletes the wear of the CAP device on the left collar of the BDU uniform for senior and cadet officers and cadet enlisted members; adds CAP policy on tattoos and body piercing; a standardized Honor Guard uniform; an expanded chapter on CAP distinctive uniforms; requires region commander authorization for any wing commander authorized items and requires attaché cases, gym bags, pack packs, umbrellas and women’s purses to be carried in left hand or over left shoulder. It also incorporates previously approved decisions/items such as: wear of CAP ribbons on the aviator shirt; the new CAP distinctive field and utility uniforms; replacement of the CAP seal patch on the flight suits and utility uniforms with the new CAP command patch; authorization for the wear of shoulder cords by cadets at all times; new specialty badges, commander badges, optional right shoulder patches and the National Board badge; eliminates the blue CAP jumpsuit; eliminates the white and ultramarine blue golf shirts; eliminates the authority to wear the AF-style flight suit and BDU without grade insignia; eliminates the maroon CAP tie; eliminates the aviator shirt combination with the blazer nameplate; authorizes the mess dress uniform for senior member NCOs and authorizes a gray embroidered epaulet for senior member NCOs.



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