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AGRICULTURE HANDBOOK 700, AGRICULTURE EXPORT TRANSPORTATION HANDBOOK (FEB-2004)., This handbook provides an overview of an export shipment, highlighting what parties are involved and their responsibilities. It looks at the role of the freight forwarder, non-vessel operating common carrier, and customs broker. Incoterms, how to quote a price, and methods of payment are also covered as are ocean and air transportation. It explains the more common documents used in export transportation and provides samples. It also explains the different types of cargo insurance, where to obtain it, and the procedures to follow when filing a claim. It offers guidelines for the safe transport of agricultural products to the overseas buyer, including tips on cooling, grading, packing, loading, storage, and the selection of transport equipment and mode of transportation. The sections on trade assistance and publications are included to provide shippers with other sources of information when the answer cannot be found within this text.

700 Rev. 2004


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