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MIL-HDBK-828C, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE HANDBOOK: RANGE LASER SAFETY (30-MAR-2017)., This handbook provides uniform guidance for the safe use of military lasers and laser systems on Department of Defense (DoD) ranges. Each military service has previously established normal procedures for approving laser ranges and has the responsibility to organize, train, and equip their forces. Services will establish a range laser safety program as part of their overall range safety program. This guidance is intended to supplement these procedures and training requirements. It does not replace those procedures nor release individuals from compliance with the requirements of their particular service. The authority for this handbook is the DoD Laser System Safety Working Group (LSSWG) established by DoDI 6055.15, DoD Laser Protection Program. Guidance for laser systems not addressed here should be obtained from the LSSWG. The aim of this DoD handbook is to establish range safety for the evaluation and control of lasers under military control to reduce to a minimum the hazards to personnel, property, and the environment. The installation commander is responsible for laser range operations while day-to-day operations are managed through the Installation Laser Range Authority. This handbook applies to laser systems with optical radiation emission in the wavelength range of 100 nanometers to 1 millimeter, pulsed and continuous wave systems. This handbook does not apply to medical or laboratory uses, where additional professional review may be needed to establish health and safety controls; other outdoor use is described in ANSI Z136.6, Safe Use of Lasers Outdoors. This handbook applies to all hazard categories or hazard classifications defined by ANSI Z136.1, American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers, and IEC 60825-1, Safety of Laser Products. The intent is for this document to provide sufficient guidance for laser system use on a laser range.

MIL-HDBK-828 Rev. C


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