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ECSS-E-10-02A, SPACE ENGINEERING: VERIFICATION (17-NOV-1998)., This standard establishes the requirements for the verification of a space system product. It specifies the fundamental concepts of the verification process, the criteria for defining the verification strategy and the rules for the implementation of the verification programme. It includes also in annex A and B the description of the required documentation (i.e.DRDs) and some guidelines on specific aspects of the verification process such as the Model Philosophy definition. This standard is intended to apply to different products at different levels (i.e. from a single equipment to the overall system). It is applicable to both the cus- tomer and the supplier of the product during all project phases. The application of these requirements to a particular project is intended to result in an effective product verification and consequently to a high confidence in achieving successful product operations for the intended use.

ECSS-E-10-02 Rev. A


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