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FC 4-760-10N, FACILITIES CRITERIA (FC): NAVY MUSEUMS AND HISTORIC RESOURCE FACILITIES (01-DEC-2013)., This FC provides requirements for evaluating, planning, programming, and designing two facility types: • Navy Museum – Protects and displays precious naval artifacts, documents and art portraying the Navy’s rich military history and offers visitors, including Navy personnel, their families, retirees, recruits and the general public, an important glimpse into their cultural heritage. • Plans, designs, and fabricates exhibits and displays. • Historic Resource Facility (HRF) – There are several functional areas which are included in HRFs. Although HRF is listed as a facility type, its functional areas may be co-located within a single facility or built as separate structures. See Chapter 2 for additional planning information. HRFs serve the following functions: • As an archive depository that consists of operational and administrative records of SECNAV, fleet, major commands, and other organizations and individuals stored in paper, microform and electronic form. • As a library to hold collections of books, journals, maps, charts, records, and other valuable items deemed important to the Navy for the purpose of research, analysis, and writing about naval history and related topics as well as for the purpose of preserving important icons of the Navy’s heritage. • Executes the responsibilities of the Director of NHHC/Curator of the Navy and ensures proper documentation, cataloging, accountability, and preservation of historical art, property, artifacts, and collections. • Develops and administers exhibit programs, including collecting, selecting, and researching exhibit materials. • Manages and oversees historical underwater archaeology, conservation projects, and activities that relate to the Curator of the Navy. The information in this FC applies to the design of all new construction projects, to include additions, alterations, and renovation projects. This FC is organized to provide the data and criteria needed at each stage of the project development process. It also applies to the procurement of design/build services for the above noted projects. Alteration and renovation projects should update existing

FC 4-760-10 Rev. 2013


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