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SPC-94093-CMC (VER. 01.00.10), ADA 95 QUALITY AND STYLE: GUIDELINES FOR PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMERS (OCT 1995)., The purpose of Ada 95 Quality and Style: Guidelines for Professional Programmers is to help computer professionals produce better Ada programs by identifying a set of stylistic guidelines that will directly impact the quality of their Ada 95 programs. This style guide is not intended to replace the Ada Reference Manual (1995) or Rationale (1995) or to serve as a tutorial for the Ada 95 programming language. Furthermore, this book is not intended to be a guide for transitioning from Ada 83 to Ada 95. The reader is encouraged to consult the References for sources on these related topics. The style guide is divided into chapters that map to the major decisions that each programmer addresses when creating high-quality, reliable, reusable, and portable Ada software. Some overlap exists in the chapters because not all programming decisions can be made independently. Individual chapters address source code presentation, readability, program structure, programming practice, concurrency, portability, reusability, performance, and a new chapter on object-oriented features. Each chapter is divided into guidelines, using a format that supports wide usage because its content is both prescriptive and tailorable. Each guideline consists of a concise statement of the principles that should be followed and a rationale explaining why the guideline is important. The guidelines also provide usage examples, in addition to possible exceptions to applying the guidelines. Many of the guidelines are specific enough to be adopted as corporate or project programming standards. Others require a managerial decision on a particular instantiation before they can be used as standards. In such cases, a sample instantiation is presented and used throughout the examples.

SPC-94093-CMC Rev. V01


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