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SYSTEMS ENGINEERING PLAN (SEP) PREPARATION GUIDE (VER. 2.01) (APR 2008)., This second version of the Department of Defense (DoD) Systems Engineering Plan (SEP) Preparation Guide clarifies the DoD guidance for systems engineering (SE) planning, or technical planning, for acquisition programs. The guide is separated into three sections tailored to respective milestones and acquisition phases: Milestone A and Technology Development (TD); Milestone B and System Development and Demonstration (SDD); and Milestone C and Production and Deployment (PD) / Operations and Support (O&S). The guide presents a sample SEP format for each milestone and suggests details to include and sources to consult for specific SEP paragraphs. This new version more clearly outlines the strategy for developing a program’s technical approach and offers a simplified framework for the program to organize, compile, and document technical planning. This guide is appropriate for all acquisition category (ACAT) programs and is applicable to each component of a system: hardware, software, support, operational, training, and sustainment. It is derived from published government and industry guidance, standards, and best practice. The guidance is flexible to allow reasonable judgment on the part of the program to ensure the SEP is complete. The office of primary responsibility for this guide is the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology, Systems and Software Engineering, Enterprise Development (ODUSD(A&T)SSE/ED). This office will continue to develop and coordinate updates to the guide as required, based on any future policy changes and customer feedback.

SEP Rev. 2.01


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