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SD-19, DEFENSE STANDARDIZATION PROGRAM: PARTS MANAGEMENT GUIDE (01-DEC-2013)., Today’s defense acquisition environment is characterized by rapidly changing designs and technologies and by increased risks in weapon system performance and support due to issues with parts. In this environment, the need for defense contractors to have an effective parts management program is greater than ever before. This publication provides government and industry managers a pragmatic approach toward parts man- agement to enhance weapons systems operational and logistics readiness and to reduce the logistics footprint and total ownership cost. The guidance in this document, when used in conjunction with MIL-STD-3018, “Parts Management,” will help ensure successful parts management to support current acquisition strategy. It may also be used as a tool for evaluating a contractor’s parts management performance. This document is intended to be used by defense contractors and acquisition activi- ties. In particular, this document offers guidance to individuals who are defining parts management requirements in contracts; establishing a parts management process for prime contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers; and looking for an efficient and man- ageable part selection process. Parts management contributes to the overall systems engineering mission in the risk identification and management and the life-cycle focus areas. Additional guidance can be found in the Defense Acquisition Guidebook at https://dag.dau.mil/, Section, Standardization. Today’s parts management program is becoming more flexible, more user friendly for contractors, and more comprehensive due to a major reengineering effort that is still underway. We are extremely grateful to the numerous government and industry individuals on the Parts Standardization and Management Committee (PSMC) who contributed to this effort. Further information on this group can be found on the PSMC website at http://www.landandmaritime.dla.mil/programs/psmc/.

SD-19 Rev. 2013


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