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DOD INTEGRATED PRODUCT AND PROCESS DEVELOPMENT (IPPD) HANDBOOK (AUGUST 1998). The 5000.2-R regulation describes the DoD acquisition process for MDAPs and MAIS acquisition programs incorporating IPPD principles. It defines IPPD as— A management technique that simultaneously integrates all essential acquisition activities through the use of multidisciplinary teams to optimize the design, manufacturing and supportability processes. IPPD facilitates meeting cost and performance objectives from product concept through production, including field support. One of the key IPPD tenets is multidisciplinary teamwork through Integrated Product Teams (IPTs). This handbook expands upon the government and industry guidance provided in the DoD Guide to IPPD by providing suggestions and examples of specific ways to implement IPPD. Like the DoD Guide to IPPD, it is non-directive. It suggests solutions to difficulties that might be encountered in IPPD implementation and explains tools and techniques that can be used throughout a product’s life cycle. It is not, however, an in-depth application manual for specific tools, nor does it attempt to cover all of the tools available—only representative ones from many different categories.



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