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DOD ARCHITECTURE FRAMEWORK DESKBOOK (VERSION 1.0), DOD ARCHITECTURE FRAMEWORK WORKING GROUP (15 AUG 2003)., The Department of Defense (DoD) Architecture Framework (DoDAF), Version 1.0, defines a common approach for DoD architecture description development, presentation, and integration. The Framework enables architecture descriptions to be compared and related across organizational boundaries, including Joint and multinational boundaries. The Framework is partitioned into two volumes and a Deskbook. Volume I provides definitions, guidelines, and some background material. Volume II contains descriptions of each of the product types. This third volume is the DoD Architecture Framework Deskbook and provides supplementary guidance to Framework users. The Deskbook presents several techniques for developing and using architectures. These various techniques were developed by different segments of the DoD community and do not represent coordinated community positions. Volumes I and II presented mandatory guidance to the DoD community. The techniques presented in this Deskbook are not mandatory but are provided for their insights and potential utility to the reader. However, readers should determine the applicability of a technique to their individual situation. Because this Deskbook is being published as part of the DoDAF, the techniques herein were developed during the time that the C4ISR Architecture Framework was operative. Some, but not all, of the material ha s been updated to reflect the DoDAF. The reader may see some material that is C4ISR Architecture Framework specific. These small discrepancies should not interfere with the DoDAF-related value of the material. The Deskbook also provides additional material for topics that were introduced in Volumes I and II. This material includes the All-DoD Core Architecture Data Model (CADM), architecture tools, Federal Enterprise Architecture Reference Models, and Universal Reference Resources.

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