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DoD 5000.59-P, MODELING AND SIMULATION (M&S)MASTER PLAN (SEP 1995)., The DoD Modeling and Simulation Master Plan is authorized by DoD Directive 5000.59, "DoD Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Management," January 4, 1994. The DoD M&S policies, organizational responsibilities, and management procedures are outlined in DoD Directive 5000.59. This Plan is the Department of Defense’s first step in directing, organizing, and concentrating its M&S capabilities and efforts on resolving commonly shared problems. The immense breadth and scope of DoD M&S uses, combined with the relative immaturity of many segments of the larger DoD M&S community and its technology, ensure this first iteration is incomplete. Over time, with the active participation and support of the DoD M&S community, this plan will mature to address the full range of issues confronting DoD M&S. Many policy and technical issues may not be identified or resolved; however, this plan, with the management framework and policies established in DoD Directive 5000.59-P, provides a means to achieve common technical and policy consensus. This plan is intended to be dynamic and flexible, a living document that will evolve as technology matures and consensus develops on policy and programmatic issues.



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