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AD-780-508, SYNOPSIS OF BACKGROUND MATERIAL FOR MIL-STD-210B, CLIMATIC EXTREMES FOR MILITARY EQUIPMENT (24-JAN-1974)., The Design Climatology Branch of the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories had the scientific responsibility for leading a DoD Task Group effort to revise MIL-STD-210A "Climatic Extremes for Military Equipment." This new standard, first published in 1953 and updated as MII.-STD-210A in 1957, provides climatic extremes for which worldwide usage of military equipment should be designed. Because the extremes in earlier versions were not specifically expressed as design goals, equipment adopted by one Service for worldwide use was frequently unacceptable for use by the other Services. This created a need to change the specified intent of MIL-STD-210A. In addition, MIL-STD-210A was also in drastical need of revision because of a maturing of concepts in the application of climatic information to equipment design, a vastly improved climatological data base for weather elements currently in MIL-STD-210A, new elements desired by engineers, and the availability of new statistical techniques to process such climatic data. Accordingly a tni-Service study group was established in 1967 to first determine the aeed for a revised MTL-STD-210A, and then to prepare the revised document, MIL-STD-210B. Each of thie three Services was delegated responsibility to prepare background studies for the revision of extremes for current elements and/or the establishment of extremes for new elements, within a common design philosophy framework established by the study group. This clocument represents the fruition of the goals of the task group. It relates ,the background studics supporting the values in MTIL-STD-210B, so that MIL-STD- 210B users need to consult only this single document for an elaboration on the MIL- extremes. In addition, the report contains information on the origin, !necessity for and the events leading to a revision of MIIL-STD--210A. Discussions of the major changes in the Standard's philosophy and its contents are also provided.



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