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DD FORM 1423-1, CONTRACT DATA REQUIREMENTS LIST (CDRL) (AUG-1996)., The DD1423 is used to specify and track delivery requirements for government contracts and subcontracts. If a DD1423 is used to track contract delivery requirements, it is referred to as a type CDRL (Contract Data Requirements List). If used to track subcontract delivery requirements, it is referred to as a type SDRL (Subcontract Data Requirements List). The CDRL is a list of authorized data requirements for a specific procurement that forms a part of the contract. It is comprised of either a single DD Form 1423, or a series of DD Forms 1423 (individual CDRL forms) containing data requirements and delivery information. The CDRL is the standard format for identifying potential data requirements in a solicitation, and deliverable data requirements in a contract. Subpart 215.470 of the DFARS requires the use of the CDRL in solicitations when the contract will require delivery of data. CDRLs should be linked directly to SOW tasks and managed by the program office data manager. Data requirements can also be identified in the contract via Special Contract Clauses (e.g., DFARS), which define special data provisions (such as, Rights in Data, Warranty, etc.). The purpose of the CDRL is to provide a standardized method of clearly and unambiguously delineating the Government\'s minimum essential data needs. The CDRL groups all of the data requirements in a single place rather than have them scattered throughout the solicitation or contract.

DD FORM 1423 Rev. 1996


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