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DISA SYSTEMS ENGINEERING PROCESS (VER. 1.1) (30-SEP-2004)., This document describes the Systems Engineering (SE) Process for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). The DISA SE Process is complex and dynamic, with diverse stakeholders interacting to identify, design, develop, and validate systems. Primary objectives of the DISA SE Process are to define a standard program/project SE process, establish a framework for cross-program collaboration, promote the use of best practices, and improve DISA’s interoperability. The DISA SE Process was developed in accordance with guidance from senior leadership in DISA’s Principal Directorate for Global Information Grid Enterprise Services (GIG-ES) Engineering (GE) and the Component Acquisition Executive (CAE). It reflects DISA\'s commitment to operate in accordance with new DOD policies , and supports DISA’s goals to increase organizational maturity, improve quality and productivity, and better support customers and the Warfighter. The DISA SE Process defines a standard program/project process that integrates the SE phases, as documented in SE textbooks , into the Acquisition Lifecycle, as documented in DoDI 5000.2 . This standard program/project process (see Appendix A), is designed for use by all acquisition and SE programs/projects, regardless of Acquisition Category (ACAT) or current stage in the life cycle. It provides DISA programs/projects a comprehensive roadmap for identifying all the major DOD requirements applicable to the particular program or project. The DISA SE Process also includes many useful resources and references for Program Managers (PM), Project Leaders (PL), Service Managers, and Systems Engineers. For example, it includes a generic program/project schedule with detailed Gannt charts, indicating the dependencies and typical durations of each SE activity and identifying the typical critical path items.

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