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DI-IPSC-82134, DATA ITEM DESCRIPTION (DID): SOFTWARE SUSTAINABILITY PACKAGE (15-JUN-2017)., The Software Sustainability Package (SSP) contains the superset of source code, design details, models, algorithms, processes, flow charts, formulae and related materials that would allow the software to be reproduced, recreated or recompiled, as needed for sustainment by non-developer(s) or the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This includes all executable software, des ign model s , source files, and software sustainment information, including "as built" design information and compilation, build, and modification procedures, for each Computer Software Configuration Item (CSCI). The SSP is to be used in conjunction with a Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) or CLIN Options to procure the executable software and source files for a CSCI and is the primary software sustainment document for each CSCI which could be maintained by non-OEM(s). The SSP is the line item description of the data and products that are to be procured through the CLINs. Note: Different organizations have different policies for ordering delivery of software. These policies should be determined before applying this Data Item Description (DID). This DID is used when the developer is tasked, either by CLIN, Statement of Work (SOW) or Statement of Objectives (SOO), to prepare executable software, source files, "as built" CSCI design, hardware and related sustainment information for delivery. This DID contains the format, content, and intended use information for the data product resulting from the work task described in the contract SOW.



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