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A-A-59850, COMMERCIAL ITEM DESCRIPTION: LADDER, ESCAPE (30-NOV-2009)., This commercial item description covers the requirements for escape ladders which are used to assist personnel moving up steep rock, snow and ice. The escape ladder will be furnished in one type and size. The escape ladder design shall provide ease of use with typical combat gloves and shall be as lightweight as possible while meeting the standards described in the description. The flexible ladder shall be provided with attachment points at the top and bottom of each ladder. The attachment points shall be compatible with all Carabiners in A-A-59836. The ladder rungs shall be a rigid step design with a non-slip surface. The ladder shall include a means to provide standoff at the top and bottom of the ladder to ease movement. The wire sides shall ease storage by allowing the ladder to roll up for storage.



 FSC Code:
 4240 - Safety and Rescue Equipment

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