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A-A-59642, COMMERCIAL ITEM DESCRIPTION: DRILL, PNEUMATIC, PORTABLE (01-SEP-2004)., This Commercial Item Description (CID), describes a hand-held pneumatic drill with a 90 degree angled head that operates from a 90psi air source. Equipment covered by this CID shall be commercially available equipment and may be modified to the extent necessary to meet the following description. The pneumatic drill will have a 90 degree angled head and shall only require air supplied at 90psi to operate. The drill will be operated by pressing a lever on the handle. The drill shall be capable of variable speeds determined by a direct relation to how much the lever is pressed. The drill needs to have a 1/4-28 female threaded spindle, and an 1/4 NPT air inlet. The drill should be ergonomically designed, and should only require the use of one hand to operate. The drill shall have a speed between 2000 and 3500 rpm when no load is applied to it. The minimum stalling torque should be between 28 and 35in-lbs. The drill should be capable of meeting these requirements when 90psi of air is supplied.



 FSC Code:
 5130 - Hand Tools, Power Driven

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