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A-A-59503C, COMMERCIAL ITEM DESCRIPTION: NITROGEN, TECHNICAL (03 MAR 2011) [SUPERSEDING BB-N-411C]., This commercial item description (CID) covers two types of nitrogen: liquid and gaseous. Each type of nitrogen can be obtained in two different technical grades based on nitrogen purity and limits on oxygen and moisture impurity content. Liquid nitrogen is used as a cooling agent for low temperature and cryogenic processes to shield temperature sensitive materials and equipment from the effects of heat. Gaseous nitrogen is used to purge or pressurize systems or provide inert atmospheres. The list of intended use includes, but is not limited to, pressurizing fuel tanks, hydraulic system accumulators, aircraft struts, rocket engine propellant systems, and carbon dioxide cylinders; purging aircraft oxygen converters; and purging and calibrating instruments. Since some systems are sensitive to oil contamination, gaseous nitrogen is divided into two classes: oil free and oil tolerant. Class 1, oil free nitrogen, is used for applications which cannot tolerate hydrocarbons, such as the purging of oxygen equipment. Class 2, oil tolerant nitrogen, is used for pressurizing oil-containing systems such as aircraft struts.

A-A-59503 Rev. C


 FSC Code:
 6830 - Gases: Compressed and Liquefied

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