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MANPRINT, MANPOWER AND PERSONNEL INTEGRATION GUIDEBOOK FOR SYSTEMS DESIGN AND ASSESSMENT (JUL-1997). MANPRINT seeks to influence system design so that materiel and information systems can be operated, maintained, and supported in the most cost-effective manner consistent with available manpower, personnel aptitudes and skills, and training. The result should be optimum total system performance. Some key MANPRINT concepts are: • Identification of issues and risks is a continuous process, from concept development, through system design, testing, and fielding. • Each system meeting (ICT, IPT, ILSMT, TWIG, etc.) generates the need to reassess system impacts on the soldier, his organization, and leaders • MANPRINT is a continuing effort to identify, understand, trade-off, resolve, or accept risks associated with system development • The user or user’s representative should be an active participant in concept development, system design, and test planning The purpose of this guidebook is to provide MANPRINT domain experts, Program Managers, and Requirements Offices/Concept Developers with checklists of domain-specific items covering possible design elements of analysis, features and issues when participating in Integrated Concept Teams, Integrated Product Teams, in test planning, and when assessing a system. This tool can also serve as a training aid for new MANPRINT practitioners and as a convenient reminder checklist even for experienced assessors. The checklists collectively function as a comprehensive guide and give the practitioner a feel for the topical coverage of each domain.



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