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AMCP 706-102 (DARCOM P-706-102), AMC PAMPHLET: ENGINEERING DESIGN HANDBOOK - ARMY WEAPON SYSTEMS ANALYSIS (PART TWO) (OCT-1979)., The objective of this 1977 and 1979 Handbook is to give the appropriate background for young analysts entering the field of military operations research, and to record some of the more useful or recommended methodology for evaluation of Army weapon systems and materiel. This Handbook may also be used as a text for teaching weapon systems analysis; other purposes are given in Chapter 1. The Handbook has been written in an introductory manner; derivations have been kept to a minimum by proper references to the appropriate literature. In fact, the references and bibliographies cite valuable source material for those who may wish to acquire an extensive knowledge of any of the subjects introduced, or to do further research on the methodology. This book covers advanced topics on the field of Army weapon systems analysis including measures of effectiveness, target detection phenomena, introduction to combat theory, and more. The objective of this Handbook is focused on the status and application of weapon systems analysis methodology and philosophy to evaluate, compare, select, or cost a weapon system. Weapon systems analysis is devoted to the comparison of various means of satisfying the military requirements and is totally apart from, but also dependent on, the detailed engineering effort that is required to design and produce new or improved weapons. Useful weapon systems analysis information of current applications and methodology is presented in this Handbook. Accordingly, the Handbook should: Provide orientation and guidance for new weapon systems analysts; Communicate to the analysis, in capsule form, the allied technical fields with which they must be concerned; Conserve time, materials, and funds by outlining approaches to problems which have proven to be helpful over the years; and Provide a summary of current weapon systems analysis methodology. Weapon systems analysis is concerned with and applied at the major milestones and decision points throughout the life cycle of weapon systems and is particularly applicable in early phases of research and development. In the initial phase, for example, studies may be conducted to investigate the possible uses, strategy, and tactics of a weapon system based on entirely new technology; the potential advantages which a proposed new Army weapon system would possess when compared with existing systems; or the range of parameters which would be most useful for a Part 1.

AMCP 706-102 Rev. 1979


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