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AMCP 706-179, ENGINEERING DESIGN HANDBOOK: EXPLOSIVE TRAINS (JAN-1974)., This handbook was prepared as an aid to ammunition designers, scientists, and engineers on the theoretical and practical data pertaining to explosive trains. It includes consideration of the various elements which, in considerable variation, may constitute the explosive train of an item. The main charge of an explosive item, such as projectile or warhead filler, is also covered. Data are given on the physical and explosive characteristics of typical explosives and references are cited in which additional data are found. Coverage includes development of the complete explosive train, from elements suitable for initiation of the explosive reaction to the promotion of effective functioning of the final, output element. The nature of the explosive reaction, method of transfer of detonation and measurement of output are discussed. Design principles and data pertaining to primers, detonators, delay elements, leads, boosters, main charges and specialized explosive elements are covered. The effects of environmental conditions and steps to be taken to avoid difficulties are discussed.

AMCP 706-179 Rev. 1974


 FSC Code:
 1375 - Demolition Materials

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