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AMCP 706-210, AMC PAMPHLET: ENGINEERING DESIGN HANDBOOK - AMMUNITION SERIES - FUZES (18-NOV-1969)., The Engineering Design Handbooks of the U.S. Army Materiel Command have evolved over a vwmber of years for the purpose of making readily available basic information, technical data, and practical guides for the development of military equipment. While aimed primarily at U.S. Army materiel, the handbooks serve as authoritative references for the needs of other branches of the Armed Services as well. The present handbook is one of a series on Fuzes. This publication is the first revision of the Handbook, Fuzes, General and Mechanical. Extensive changes were made to update the volume. Information on explosive trains was condensed, this subject now being treated in its own publication, AMCP 706-179. Illustrations of sample ammunition items, references, and test data were brought up to date. New chapters are included on design considerations and design guidance. The treatment of electric fuze actions waR greatly enlarged with material excerpted from AMCP 706-215. This handbook present6 both theoretical and practical data pertaining to fuzes. Coverage includes initiation, arming, design, and tests of fuzes and their components. Both mechanical and electric fuze actions are treated. The fuzing of all conventional ammunition items is covered. Prepared as an aid to ammunition designers, this handbook should also be of benefit to scientists and engineers engaged in other basically related research and development programs or who have responsibility for the planning and interpretation of experiments and tests concerning the performance of ammunition or ammunition components.

AMCP 706-210 Rev. 1969


 FSC Code:
 1390 - Fuzes and Primers

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